In a hyper-connected world, it is the quality of your connections that counts. We provide guidance and clarity in building your bespoke network in arts and culture.

INDEPENDENT CONNECTORS is the mothership of global art platform INDEPENDENT COLLECTORS.

Since 2008, we have created a community for the world’s leading contemporary art collectors, as well as an outstanding network of artists, creatives, and commercial brands. Following our dedicated mission to connect the right people to the right projects, INDEPENDENT CONNECTORS acts as a strategic partnership developer for clients who want to get access to the art world (or need help navigating it).

We assist in all phases of the development and implementation of cultural initiatives: from conceptualization to execution to the creation of exceptional content.

FYI, we are managed by two women but don't be scared!


We are strategists, which means that we enjoy thinking about your future allies. What kind of individuals does your system need? And what kind of system do you need as an individual? In the sense of Athena, the Greek goddess of strategic wisdom and art, we believe in thinking 9 steps ahead. To us, a good strategy is precise and effective. A great one, however, is soulful and unexpected.


Our design and production teams support you in promoting your cultural engagement through a constructive, collaborative process. This can take the form of creative or advisory services for producing films, printed matter, and events of varying complexity or general guidance in realizing a project.


Think of us as the averters of chaos. When it comes to managing a cultural project, we believe in excellence and nothing less. Knowing that creativity and management skills do not always go hand in hand, it is important to have people on board who can speak both languages.

“If you want to put your brand in a broader context, these are the people to talk to”

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