We connect brands, art leaders and social changemakers.

As one of our favorite filmmakers Brit Marling once said: „In a culture that celebrates the solitary genius, the truth is that we need each other – probably now more than ever. We need collectives of economists who will pioneer ecological economics. We need engineers who will reimagine what our cities will look like. We need artists of morality, architects of community, and biologists of culture.“

From left to right: Ilya Fox, Max Pilger, Nina Raftopoulo, Christian Kaspar Schwarm, Sandra Gehrer, Georgie Pope

We are a new breed of consultancy

Combining our expertise in cultural strategy and socially conscious advertising, we advise organizations and individuals on how to best position themselves in their respective markets, but also on how to enter new exciting playgrounds.

We work with large corporations, tiny or mid-cap family businesses, start-ups, NGO’s, foundations, public institutions, artists, CEO’s, founders, politicians, and streetkids

As radically open-minded people, we see no harm in talking and working with everyone. As long as we truly believe in what you do, we’ll be your most supportive ally. We can refresh your established infrastructure and connect you to new people.

We are strategists

Every project starts with an original thought. That’s why we define strategy as a highly creative process in which there should always be goals, but never any rules. To us, intuition and passion are equally important as data and facts.

We produce formats

Books, films, websites, newspaper, events … our core team of senior strategists, graphic designers and project managers not only comes up with creative ideas, we actually execute them. Thanks to our expansive network of freelance designers, writers, filmmakers, architects and web developers, we are able to steer even the most complex productions. In the case that we are not the suited executor we will be honest and recommend one of our trusted partners to you.

We are based in Berlin

Our office turned library holds several thousand books and is located in Berlin-Schöneberg. It was designed by architect Sam Chermayeff as a multi-functional space for both contemplation and connectivity. The heart of the office is a 10 meter long table where we work and cook with people from all walks of life.

We look forward to hearing from you

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