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Digitalization, political divisiveness, and disrupted industries have radically changed the communication landscape as we know it. In consequence, every brand under the sun is facing the same problem: How can we stand out in this over-saturated market? And how can we navigate through all of this complexity? If you are looking for a super lean, yet highly professional agency to tackle these questions with, we are the people to talk to.


Independent Connectors is a full-service agency that combines the strategic expertise of a consultancy firm with the aesthetic approach of design studio – all from our headquarters in Berlin Kreuzberg.

Based on 15 years of experience in the creative industry, we are old enough to manage difficult topics, and young enough to come up with fun new ones. We act as a partner in crime for a wide range of clients, from big players to small businesses, from internal to external departments, because we believe in diversity and the power of building bridges.

As consultants, we can help you find your voice and vision, open up new playgrounds and alliances, or reconnect you with your company’s heritage in order to create a strong strategy for your future.

As creatives, we can help you develop inspiring messages and meaningful communication formats, so that your strategy can actually see the light of day.

FYI, we are managed by two women – but don't be scared!


- Strategy Workshops
- Media Planning
- Concept Development
- Campaign Development
- Online Communication
- Brand Content Creation
- Copywriting
- Social Media Strategy
- PR Strategy
- Printed Matter
- Corporate Identity and Design
- Film and Photo Production

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Phone: +49 160 97704812

Independent Connectors GmbH
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