Digital only?

In a city full of artists and creatives and home to a flourishing startup scene, the growing foundation of new creative business such as online galleries and other digital art businesses in Berlin is omnipresent. With current topics already in place, Independent Collectors in collaboration with the BVDG and the EIGEN+ART lab initiated the talk “Digital Only?”, inviting startups, artists and curators to discuss current trends that give way to the future of the online art world.

During this talk, five Berlin startups presented their respective business models for the art market: Timo Niemeyer from Artusiast spoke about new possibilities for auction houses; Sabine Grosswendt introduced her company artflash, in which young and renown artists’ works are sold in flash sales; Dirk Herzer spoke about the collection management software Artbutler; Euphemia von Kaler zu Lanzenheim spoke about her business curart, an online gallery, which represents young artists that have not been signed by a gallery yet and finally Masha McConaghy from ascribe addressed the use of artwork images online within the context of “processor ownership” which deals with the online use of digital artworks as intellectual property.

In the subsequent talk, moderated by BVDG’s Thea Dymke, Alexandra Waligorski (Node Forum for Digital Arts), Carmen Weisskopf (!Mediengruppe Bitnik) and Karoline Pfeiffer (Independent Collectors) discussed the creation, collecting and exhibiting of art in the digital age at length.