Manifesting The Future

Against the backdrop of the omnipresent digitalisation of our modern world the issue of technology actively changing the art market has become a widely discussed and pressing matter. To shed some light on its status quo as well as possible developments in the future Independent Collectors and the Association of German Galleries and Art Dealers (BVDG) developed The Beta Manifesto for the Future Art Market.

Photos: Anna Ziegler

The Beta Manifesto consists of 10 theses addressing current digital trends in the art market and, while offering a glimpse into the future, remains forever unfinished in beta form.

For the launch of the Beta Manifesto the BVDG and Independent Collectors invited a range of forward thinking speakers working in the arts to the Deichtorhallen Hamburg, where we spent the day exchanging experiences and discussing the ten proposed theses.

Doerte Achilles, artnet | Thea Dymke, BVDG | Dirk Herzer, ARTBUTLER | Klaus Hillmann, Tandem Kunst GmbH | Masha McConaghy, | Johanna Neuschäffer & Anne Schwanz, EIGEN + ART Lab | Karoline Pfeiffer, Independent Collectors | Elisabeth Stangl, The ARTS+ | Rene S. Spiegelberger, Spiegelberger Stiftung | Hergen Wöbken, Institut für Strategieentwicklung IFSE

Wolf Lieser, DAM Gallery | Kelani Nichole, TRANSFER Gallery NYC | Philip Hausmeier, Metaphysics | Tina Sauerländer, peer to space | Peter Niemann, Sammlung Haus N | Katharina Bauckhage, Artflash | Marc Spiegler, Art Basel | Euphemia von Kaler von Lanzenheim, curart | Masha McConaghy, ascribe | Jakob Braeuer, BauschkeBraeuer | Karoline Pfeiffer, Independent Collectors | Anne Schwanz & Johanna Neuschäffer, Eigen+Art Lab | Ivo Wessel, collector & software developer| Christian Kaspar Schwarm, collector & founder of Independent Collectors