Connecting A Car Company To The Art World

The BMW Art Guide is our global guide to privately built yet publicly accessible collections of contemporary art. The very first of its kind, the art guide allows you to discover and personally visit havens of contemporary art that you would not know to exist.

Our project began in 2012 as an ambitious and daunting task, to gather a worldwide list of private contemporary art collections, which included several that had never before opened their doors. This resulted in a pocket-sized publication as a resource, which would radically increase viewership to privately owned art. This initiative now inspires many collectors to share their art filled personal residences. In collaboration with our long-term partner BMW, a new edition of the Art Guide is published each year. This partnership affirms that corporate sponsorhip can and should move far beyond mere logo placement in the realm of arts and culture.

270 collections
196 cities
45 countries