Connecting Brands To The Art World

The phenomenon of brands positioning themselves as patrons of creative culture has accelerated in recent years, driven, it seems, by the rise of visual-centric social media and the merging of contemporary art with mainstream pop culture. For a brand, being involved in the art world is not only about showcasing corporate responsibility. In fact, a much-appreciated side effect of cultural engagement is getting access to sub-cultures, intellectual leaders, high-end consumers, or the so-called creative class. Buying your way into these realms is easy. Just slap the brand‘s logo on a cultural initiative or pay a bunch of influencers x amount of money in exchange for some quick attention and call it a day. However, if you want truly influential people to take you seriously, you need to do a little more than that.

Having worked with brands that now play a significant role in arts and culture, we have come to understand that to achieve real impact it’s essential to create bespoke formats that are unique and groundbreaking. Projects that both sides benefit from and relationships that make each participant completely unexchangeable.

10 years ago we came up with a format idea that would help to manifest car maker BMW as one of the most relevant corporate players in the art world. THE BMW ART GUIDE BY INDEPENDENT COLLECTORS, now in its seventh edition, is our proof of concept that brands and art initiatives can form long-lasting partnerships if both parties do it right. In this belief, we have since created a series of formats such as films, books, digital campaigns, and special events, matching brands in various industries to our unique network in the art world.

Following our mission to protect the integrity of each artistic practice, we often act as gatekeepers, but unlike the bouncers at Berghain, we will advise you on what to do to get access to the club.

If you are a brand seeking guidance in building your bespoke network in the arts, please feel free to get in touch for a complimentary consulting session.