Creating “Facebook for Aesthetics”

“Facebook for Aesthetics” is how the German newspaper ZEIT described our private community INDEPENDENT COLLECTORS three years after we had launched it in June 2008. Not only did we find the description misleading (we never set out to create a network for millions of people!), but the comparison simply didn't age well. From the very beginning, it wasn't elitism we were after, but a new form of exclusiveness. We replaced quantity – the secret behind every successful social network – with the quality of an individually verified community. Today, we are proud to say that INDEPENDENT COLLECTORS is the world's leading platform for privately owned art. With the help of our trusted network of 7 000 collectors across 98 countries, our dedicated goal is to be a long-lasting invitation to be intellectually seduced and challenged by contemporary art.

GUAN XIAO, Air Freshner, Spray, 2017. © Hugard & Vanoverschelde photography
Valeria Napoleone photographed at her house in London in 2021 in front of Judith Bernstein, Birth of the Universe # 33, 2014. Photo: Frederike Helwig
FIETE STOLTE, 8 days a week at 8 (in the studio / garage), 2008; Live 8 days a week (clock), 2008. Photo: Björn Behrens
Works by Collins Obijiaku, 2020 (center), Dawn Okoro, 2021 (right) amd Emma Prempeh, 2021. Photo: Diane Arques. Courtesy of Barbara and Daniel Newman
Dakis Joannou
SLAVS AND TATARS, Friendship of Nations – Polish Shi’ite Showbiz, 2011 (installation view). Photo: Wolfgang Stahr
Erika Hoffmann, Joelle Tuerlinckx, "Atlas of wall 81 extraits ‘Manifesta’ #10, Musée Hermitage, Saint Petersburg’", 2014-2017. Photo: Alexander Gehring. Courtesy of Sammlung Hoffmann, Berlin


We are convinced: The most important skill that contemporary art collectors rely on is instinct, but information and contacts are a great help. INDEPENDENT CONNECTORS is about making these accessible to everyone eager to share. We want to compile the perfect set of tools that we think all collectors should have at their disposal, whether they are new to collecting or experts.

For us, collecting is closer to hunting than gathering, because that’s where the thrill is. And hunting is at its most thrilling outside traditional and protectionist structures. We are out to open up a new playing field full of fascinating opportunities and with a different set of rules. That’s why we created INDEPENDENT CONNECTORS.

“A Consultancy That Is Truly Independent”

If you are a collector and seek guidance in building your bespoke network in the arts, our team can advise you on positioning, purchase, collection management, and promotional formats.

Please feel free to get in touch for a complimentary consulting session.