Berlin's Youngest Newspaper

In Aldous Huxley’s novel “Island” the birds on fictional Pala were taught to sing the word K-A-R-U-N-A to remind people of the virtues compassion and mindfulness. Founded in 1990 in east Berlin, the KARUNA e.V. is pursuing the same goal. Working with homeless children and teenagers the NGO is known for its unconditional approach to social work. Since 2017 we have been supporting KARUNA, consulting the team in matters of strategy and communication. Together we developed the KARUNA KOMPASS – a newspaper designed to address the primary reasons behind homelessness among young adolescents. Dedicating the first issue of the KARUNA KOMPASS to the reasons behind youth homelessness, namely immoderately strict or lack of parental care, we identified some of the most common misconceptions and behavioral patterns fueling destructive power dynamics both at home and in society. In close collaboration with KARUNA founder Jörg Richert, we present solutions in line with the substantial ideas and ethical concepts of KARUNA’s approach.

Wir Jugendlichen der Karuna Sozialgenossenschaft schenken den Obdachlosen Berlins, die ihren »Strassenfeger« verloren haben, unsere Zeitung

Viele von uns waren selbst einmal obdachlos ...

... bis wir uns solidarisch verbündet haben!

Nina Raftopoulo, IC

Jörg Richert, Karuna
Christina Werner, IC

Torsten Lesszinsky

Babette Brühl
Christina Werner

Frank Höhne

Stefan Wunderwald

Special Thanks to
Stiftung Drosos
Bundesministerium für Familie, Senioren, Frauen und Jugend