Exploring The Other Miami

Curator Joey Lico teams up with artist Alexis Diaz to visit the mighty Rubell Museum in Miami

In this journey, Lico and Puerto Rican artist Alexis Diaz visit the Rubell Museum, a very special place built on the enthusiasm of America's super-collectors, Mera and Donald Rubell. Lico and Diaz explore the mighty museum while Mera Rubell talks us through the backbone of the couple's collecting. As a mural painter and street artist, Diaz meets one of his biggest inspirations inside the museum walls.

The Rubell Family Collection/Contemporary Art Foundation opened in 1993 in the Wynwood district of Miami and today resides in transformed industrial complex, reworked by Selldorf Architects. The new museum, impressive with 36 galleries in total, is located in the Allapattah and is well worth the adventure!

View below to join Joey Lico and Alexis Diaz on their urban exploration through hip Miami and private walk-through at Rubell Museum, featured in the current fifth edition of the BMW Art Guide by Independent Collectors.