The Vague Space

The continuously contouring art collection from Independent Connector's co-founder Christian Kaspar Schwarm has found a temporary home located in Bremen’s Weserburg Museum.

Presenting his collection to the wider public for the first time, “The Vague Space” contains artworks of media-transcending positions with high political aspirations, as well as installations and video works that demand attention from all the senses. It is the eagerness to contemplate, challenge and experiment that lies at the very core of Christian’s collecting habits, and his relationships with the artists that form the collection function as gateways, which continuously expand and develop his understanding of the world. The collection is multi-dimensional with no focus falling on one medium in particular, creating the freedom for Christian to play and learn whilst pursuing his own path of collecting. Whilst there may not be a particular focus on a specific medium, it is clear that the artworks which speak to him are, without any exceptions, works of contemporary art. Featured artists from the collection include Nina Canell, Slavs and Tatars, Michael E. Smith, David Horvitz, Karin Sander, and Jonathan Monk.

DAVID HORVITZ, Give Us Back Our Stars, 2014
MARIO PFEIFER, Approximation in the digital age, 2014–2015

Fiona Banner
Beni Bischof
Nina Canell
Marcel van Eeden
Tom Ellis
Guan Xiao
Diango Hernández
David Horvitz
Jonathan Monk
Mario Pfeifer
Peter Piller
Karin Sander
Slavs and Tatars
Michael E. Smith
Simon Starling
Fiete Stolte
Lukas Stopczynski
Haegue Yang

Curated by
Peter Friese
Ingo Clauß
Christian Kaspar Schwarm

Jannis Hülsen
Stefan Schwabe
Clemens Winkler

Christine Breyhan
Guido Boulboullé
Ingo Clauß
Ines Koenen
Solène Zozime
Josephin Haardt
Mirka Gewinner

Special thanks to
Bremer Landesbank
Museumsfreunde der Weserburg